Willy Rizzo

  • Dominique RIZZO

12, rue de Verneuil
75007 Paris

T: +33 1 42 86 07 31



Willy Rizzo, the Italian maverick who excelled at glamour, combining a career as a celebrity photographer with furniture design.

After a long career lasted over 60 years, Rizzo’s artworks are still showcased in his Parisian studio located in rue de Verneuil 12. Dominique Rizzo, Willy’s beloved wife, periodically organizes iconic scenographies and exhibitions in order to perpetuate the heritage of the artist.

Furniture is made on demand by third generation Italian craftsmen. All pieces are signed and numbered.

What do Salvador Dali, Jean-Paul Belmondo as well as Jack Nicholson, Marlene Dietrich, Sir Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, Federico Fellini, Jane Fonda, Pablo Picasso, and Yves Saint Laurent have in common? Willy Rizzo. Born in Naples in 1928, Rizzo was a photographer, furniture designer, raconteur, and icon. Through his camera lens he documented the last half of the 20th century in a way no one else could. A true Renaissance man, he devised furniture and lighting designs that were elegant, sexy, and functional. Rizzo often cited the influence of his close friend Le Corbusier: “It was never about re-creating classic styles in modern furniture, that wasn’t the point. It was about creating something new for a traditional setting.”


He knew how to capture the movement of a gown, the candor of a look and the modernity of an era; “the photographer of beautiful people” masterfully portrayed the evolution of morals and modes through his iconic photographs.