Jury & Prizes

Jury 2023


Jacques Grange

Interior Designer

Honorary Presidents

Hélène David Weill

President of the International Comity, MAD

Marie-Laure Jousset

Honorary Curator & Managing of Design Department, Centre Pompidou

Pierre Rosenberg

Honorary President of the Musée du Louvre

Jean-Michel Wilmotte



Sybille de Margerie

Architecte d'intérieur

Sarah Poniatwoski

Architecte d'intérieur, Maison Sarah Lavoine

Vicent Darré

Styliste et architecte d'intérieur

Sylvie corréard

Directrice Générale, Les Arts Décoratifs (MAD)


Director, Mobilier National

Karl Fournier

Interior Architect, Studio KO

Frédérique Dedet

Editor in Chief, Les Échos Série Limitée

Joseph Dirand

Interior Designer

Mathilde Favier

Public Relations Director VIP service, Dior

Gregory Gatserelia

Interior Architect

Danièle Gerkens

Editor in Chief, Elle Décoration, Elle à Table, Art & Décoration

Laura Gonzalez

Interior Architect

Terry de Gunzburg

Founder, By Terry

Luis Laplace

Interior Designer

India Mahdavi

Interior Designer

Artur Miranda

Interior Architect, Oitoemponto

Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers

Founder & President, Mazarine

Caroline Sarkozy

Interior Architect

Isabelle Stanislas

Interior Architect

Fabien Vallérian

International Director of Arts & Culture, Ruinart

Charles Zana

Interior Architect

PAD Prize 2023

Every year, the PAD Prize Jury selects from among the exhibitors the Award-Winning stand, Award-Winning Contemporary Design Piece, and the Award-Winning Historical Design Piece.

Each Award acknowledges the display and curatorial signature of the galleries’ booths, as well as the quality and innovation of the works brought to the fair.