The Yoomoota Universe, led by a multidisciplinary artist Taras Yoom, consists of a vast realm of handcrafted and innovative pieces, materializing as a profound reflection that takes shape as a parallel universe, complete with its own planets and inhabitants. Taras Yoom is an award-winning artist based in Bangkok, a participant in multiple international exhibitions in Brussels, Milan, Paris, Bangkok, and Beijing, known for incorporating his knowledge of biology and nature into design and art projects with a personalized approach.

Before receiving his degree in medicine and unfolding his creativity in a hospital, he turned his attention to art. This blend of experiences led to the fusion of design, artistic expression, and biophysics in his mind. Yoom has created numerous masterpieces spanning various mediums such as sculpture, collectible design objects, furniture, paintings, and more. Drawing inspiration from the multidimensional and deeply investigative methodology of the master Leonardo da Vinci, the artist engages with art as a sophisticated means of delving into the intricate interplay between the structure of humanity and the world. Today, he defines his style as biomorphic surrealism.

The Yoomoota creations beautifully integrate organic elements with functionality, blurring the line between visible reality and the hidden natural processes of living organisms. Upon closer inspection, the it reveals the jeweler’s precision of the artist and a high level of craftsmanship. For centuries, we have been familiar with the nuances of working with classical materials such as marble or precious metals and stones, yet we are less acquainted with new technologies and resources. This is precisely why the foundational creativity of Yoom merges artisanal craftsmanship with modern digital technologies, representing the birth of previously unseen art techniques. Each piece reflects the spirit of its time and the pinnacle of humanity’s multidisciplinary development.