Selection Committee

Composed of well-known and recognised dealers, each in his or her own specialty, the committee examines new applications according to the criteria of ethics,
quality and aesthetics which are the foundation of the PAD’s reputation.

The Selection Committee advise the organisers of the PAD on the strategic and political orientations of the art market and its developments
and constitutes a “parliament” representing the exhibitors and their different sensibilities.

At the request of the organisers, the Selection Committee may, in certain exceptional circumstances, be asked to vote in order to orient choices.

Julien Lombrail & Loïc Le Gaillard

Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Victor Gastou

Galerie Y/V Gastou

Philippe & Matthias Jousse

Jousse Entreprise

François Laffanour

Galerie Downtown

Aline Chastel

Galerie Chastel-Maréchal

Thomas Fritsch

Thomas Fritsch - Artrium

Jacques Lacoste

Galerie Jacques Lacoste

Chahan Minassian & Richard Makin-Poole

Chahan Gallery

Pierre Passebon

Galerie du Passage

Horacio Portuondo

Portuondo Paris