“Juxtaposition II” : The second meeting between Galerie Desprez Breheret and Maniera

This exhibition, held at the Danckaert Hotel in Brussels, seamlessly blends the curatorial prowess of Maniera Gallery and Galerie Desprez Breheret. This second installment, unfolding in Belgium, follows a previous artistic rendezvous in Paris.

In October 2023, during the inaugural edition of Contributions in Paris, the Belgian gallery Maniera intertwined with Galerie Desprez Breheret for a profoundly sensitive encounter. During this unique installation, both galleries interwove their artistic realms through a curation that impeccably showcased their shared appreciation for design. Presently, the second chapter of this collaboration unfolds at the Danckaert Hotel, where Maniera Gallery has been stationed since 2023. Titled “Juxtaposition II,” the exhibition presents works by Bijoy Jain from Studio Mumbai, Charlotte Perriand, Gabriella Crespi, Kalou Dubus, unveiling an unprecedented repertoire.

Hotel Danckaert
Rue Meyerbeer 33
1190, Brussels

Until February 3rd, and possibly beyond.