The Gallery Daguet-Bresson will inaugurate its first Parisian space, right in the heart of Paris in the 8th arrondissement.

The Daguet-Bresson Gallery opens with a collective exhibition featuring international artists such as Claire Lindner, Timothée Humbert, Elsa Sahal, Anne Verdier, Patricia Camet, Faye Hadfield, Superpoly, Jongjin Park, Saraï Delfendahl, and Andrew Casto. New artists, Jin Eui Kim and Jasmin Anoskin, also join the gallery. This new space is led by Florian Daguet-Bresson, a renowned art dealer who has long supported artists working in ceramics and contributing to its contemporary evolution. The programming for the first half of 2024 includes solo exhibitions by Claire Lindner in Paris in March and Timothée Humbert at the Priory of Saint-Symphorien de Bonnieux in Vaucluse in May.

Opens from Wednesday to Saturday at 1pm to 7pm

16 rue de L’arcade