• Raphaella Riboud-Seydoux

15 rue du Louvre, 75001 Paris

T: +33 9 84 43 87 34



Drawing attention to the mastery of materials such as wood, ceramics, glass or embroidery, Raphaella Riboud-Seydoux presents a selection of beautiful, surprising, modern and sometimes funny works. From Carla Accardi, a major figure in Italian abstract art and arte povera, to Michaela Younge, a 24-year-old South African artist, this exhibition is a celebration of gesture and virtuosity. By echoing the objects of creators who, through their craftsmanship and artistic imagination, flout the classifications of plastic or decorative arts, Raphaella Riboud-Seydoux invites us to lift the seams of manual genius to appreciate its beauty.

Raphaella Riboud-Seydoux is, since 2016, the co-owner of Galerie Italienne in Paris. After starting her career in fashion in London and then Paris, she became an expert in modern and contemporary art and has cultivated a strong network that bridges fashion, art, decorative arts and design. Raphaella organises art events and advises collectors. With a strong interest in the decorative arts, Raphaella Riboud-Seydoux initiated Spazio Tattile in 2018, a series of exhibitions where furniture and objects dialogue with works by contemporary artists represented by Galerie Italienne. In 2021 she is launching CeramicsNow, an annual event dedicated to contemporary ceramics.