• Philippe Gravier

91, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris

Maison Philippe Gravier
95510 Saint Cyr en Arthies

T: +33 1 39 29 41 24


Philippe Gravier Gallery has developed two concepts : « Small Nomad House Project » between Art and Architecture and « Elements of Architecture » project between Architecture and Sculpture.

– «Small Nomad House Project» is a small nomad house, easily assembled and sustainable, designed by international artists and major architects including laureates of the Pritzker Prize and Grand Prix National d’Architecture. Either «Bijou» or «Folly», each of these small pavilions reveals the architect’s or artist’s personal signature along with pure innovation. Designed as « hotel suites », 35 square meters or 400 square feet, they are produced in limited edition, collectable and numbered as 8 copies + 4 artist’s proofs, signed and validated by the architect or artist. Integrating architecture into the art market, without any urban restrictions, became a real artistic project.

– «Elements of Architecture» are produced more as sculptures than design; it is not about designing furniture pieces, but rather a discussion around architectural language, each architect’s personal signature, and the quality of excellence. They are produced in a limited edition of 5 by special order at the gallery.

These works are made in France by artisans and leading specialists representative of tradition and excellence, Galerie Philippe Gravier striving toward an ideal inscribed in both the artistic and environmental landscapes.