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Known to many simply as “G”, Glenn Spiro has spent his illustrious career crafting pieces that have been coveted by jewellery collectors the world over. His colourful, innovative and unique designs have catapulted Spiro’s eponymous brand to become one of the most sought-after private jewellery houses in the world.

G is renowned for his unconventional approach to the Haute Joaillerie world, and with it the risks which the brand takes in a realm dominated by old luxury marques and multigenerational businesses that truly sets them apart. Under Glenn’s direction the house has a non-conformist attitude to precious gemstones- unbridled by the constraints of huge businesses, they remain free to explore, to attempt the impossible, and dream up imaginative designs that have never been done before.  The resulting iconoclastic jewels turns heads for all the right reasons, commanding attention, not purely for the incredible stones they behold, but for their originality and confidence that they embody.

Each work of art is fashioned around beautiful gemstones and it is his fascination with these natural works of wonder which drives the designs.

The gems aren’t the kind you find at any high-end atelier; these are the elusive varieties that jewellers dream about, sometimes for decades, until that sought-after stone with a spellbinding hue, intensity, uniformity of colour and inner sparkle finally surfaces.  These types of stones are not definable on a certificate; they spark a visceral reaction from a man who’s been dealing in them for a lifetime. Combined with G’s innate sense of style which he conveys through his courageous designs, G pieces are far more than mere necklaces or rings; his pieces are wearable art, meant to adorn both the walls of the V&A and the necklines of beautiful women.

“Everything we create is made to complement and respond to these rare and exquisite gems.  They are Mother Nature’s great works; we simply try to honour them with beautiful settings.”

Haute Joaillerie is a quiet and insular world, guarded by its exclusivity and the accompanying anonymity of both jewellers like G and their clients. Having spent over 40 years in the jewellery industry – most of those years dealing with an impressive cache of the rarest of stones from Golconda diamonds to ancient turquoise beads- it is no surprise that the house has built up an arsenal of prestigious clients and cult-like collectors.