Dubai, Business Bay, Ontario Tower

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Booroom Gallery was founded by Irina Budtseva-Vinitskaya in 2014. In 2016, her husband Maxim Vinitsky, a lawyer by training, joined the family business. The focus of the gallery is on art and collectible design of the 21st century, along with the pieces created by the world’s leading artists and young designers just entering the art scene.

“We are looking for a balance between the material and the emotional, between an idea and its implementation through rare craftsmanship. In the art gallery industry, the artist’s personality is as important as their art. All our authors demonstrate that special integrity of thought that unites the entire collection. The artists are focused on the beauty of the material, on the unique ways it can be used.

Each piece of collectible design is made using an experimental approach that combines contemporary design, fine art, traditional craft techniques and innovation. It is fascinating to take on a role of a promoter, art director and inspire a blending of a new approach with superior skills. It is a rare privilege to observe the objects of young artists becoming part of the grand concept through their work with us.

We see home as a place of love and beauty, where a new view of the world is born. We are passionate about collecting unique objects from all over the world. And we want to share the excitement and emotions it brings us. Our priority is finding the most exciting and interesting aspect in art and design, and then bringing it to life,” – says Irina Budtseva-Vinitskaya.