• Kristofer KONGSHAUG
  • Clemente PEDICONI

9 rue de Lesdiguières 75004 Paris

T: +33967498780


With a contemporary vision, BOON_ROOM sparks a dynamic discourse tailored to discerning collectors and contemporary art and design enthusiasts. BOON_ROOM celebrates individuality and uniqueness, selecting works that stand out from the ordinary, sourcing art and design from a wide range of cultures, and methodologies. It meticulously curates distinct, enduring contemporary art and collectible design.

Established in 2007 by Kristofer Kongshaug and Clemente Pediconi, BOON expanded its ventures in 2010 with the introduction of BOON_ROOM, initially accessible exclusively to B2B. The gallery made its public debut in 2014 through a collaborative event with Floriane de Saint-Pierre and Fame Magazine during Paris Design Days.

As of 2017, BOON has allocated its entire 700 square meters gallery space to BOON_ROOM, now open to the public on a full-time basis. Currently, BOON_ROOM proudly showcases the works of more than 160 talents from 46 countries, reflecting a global celebration of artistic diversity.

BOON_ROOM presents exhibitions of unbridled creative expression, beckoning the public into a universe where the convergence of creativity and inspiration takes centre-stage. Each space curated by BOON_ROOM, either in the gallery at in the Marais or externally, consists of exclusive exhibitions from cutting-edge contemporary artists as well as an inspiring mix of collectible functional design.

BOON_EDITIONS opens a realm of unlimited creative possibilities for its designers, offering exclusive collaborations that defy the conventional boundaries of creativity. Our commitment to contemporary, bespoke furniture, and avant-garde design is evident in each edition, showcasing a seamless blend of artistic craftsmanship and design innovation.

Each collection is a testament to our passion for conceptual creations and our pursuit of cutting-edge design is reflected in every meticulously crafted piece, where traditional craftsmanship meets modern technology. Our mission is to connect artists, designers, and enthusiasts in a shared passion for extraordinary craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics representing the epitome of luxury.

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