• Boghossian

42 Rue du Rhône, Geneva
44 Old Bond Street, London
Prince's Building - Central, Hong Kong
Hotel de Paris, Monte-Carlo, Monaco

T: +44 20 7495 0885


Geneva-based, family-run high jewellery house Boghossian boasts a rich history spanning over 150 years. Helmed by fifth- and sixth-generation gem experts, the Maison draws artistic inspiration from its beginnings at the centre of the Silk Route, combining Eastern opulence with innovative Swiss craftsmanship. Boghossian pushes the boundaries of jewellery design to showcase diamonds and gemstones in an audacious new light: whether through the Art of Inlay, its signature Kissing technique or the patented Merveilles style. Through a combination of extraordinary gemstones and daring design, Boghossian has achieved world-record prices at auction and attracted an international clientele of high jewellery connoisseurs.