88 Gallery

  • Erik Müllendorff
  • Kate Campbell

86-88 Pimlico Road
London SW1W 8PL

T: +44 (0) 20 7730 27 28



88 Gallery London specialises in collectible design and functional art. Proud to represent artists and designers from around the world, our curated collection is constantly evolving as new pieces are developed and new talents welcomed. Unlike many galleries, we actively support young designers and often fund production, enabling them to focus on their creative output. Quality of materials is crucial: we are only interested in pieces that will outlast us: pieces with a value that can be passed on through generations. But it is the uniqueness of each piece that is always the starting point. Each one has been selected because we feel passionate about it. We hope, by building on this collection year by year, to share our enthusiasm for art and design and our dedication to contemporary creativity.