An exhibition that reveals, associates and confronts the photographs of Michel HADDI, famous fashion photographer and the pieces of furniture of the contemporary designer Reda AMALOU.

Both French, having grown up in the 70s in the effervescence of London, in this electric abundance invaded by music. The capital subjugates, intoxicates, and their senses are awake, each of their sides feed on this ambient tumult to feed their creativity and assert their tastes.

The Secret Gallery presents for the first time in Paris, a look at the unpublished photographs of Michel HADDI. This unconditional “social butterfly” is part of this small number of photographers who transform simple photos into real artistic creations. Since 1978, Michel HADDI has been multiplying photo shoots between London, Paris, New York, and Los Angeles and stands out for the intimacy and complicity he creates with each of his subjects… from Kate Moss to David Bowie to Tupac.


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