Exhibition MODULAR CERAMIC of Rino Claessens

Rino Claessens (1994) is an Eindhoven based designer who recently graduated from the Public & Private department at the Design 

Academy Eindhoven.
Ceramics is his material of preference; he is fascinated by its tactile qualities and diverse possibilities. He is interested in the rich history of ceramics but aims to show it in a contemporary way.
An experimental and process based approach leads him to creating unconventional objets. 

Modular Ceramics is a system that creates the freedom tom make a large variety of
objetcs in which the ceramic kiln is no longer the size limit. The system consists of ceramic modules: a cross, a T-shape, a corner and a straight module. 

The modules are all separately fired in the
kiln, and afterwards connected by bolts from the inside.
In this way they are strongly
connected, but also makes it possible to take the modules apart and reconstruct them into new objects. The stoneware ceramic modules are blushed and sponged to give them a rich texture and mixed colour.

72 rue Mazarine 75006 Paris
From Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 7pm

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