Exhibition Dynamic Landscape(s) by François Mascarello at Galerie BSL

A painter, sculptor, designer, craftsman and explorer of textures and colours, François Mascarello experiments with materials and artistic techniques to translate into space the potency and delicacy conveyed by manual gestures. for the first time, the wide range of skills appropriated by François Mascarello are displayed side by side in this solo exhibition: large seats, desk and bookcase in mineral composite; stucco, ceramic and bronze lights; lacquer marquetry tables and straw marquetry tables; handmade wallpaper and silk tapestry paintings, to name but a few. the concept of a landscape that is both dynamic and abstract is thus embraced two- and three-dimensionally, with perspectives echoing each other to the point of merging within a single creation: a painting that has escaped from the wall to become a functional sculpture. the emphasis is placed on a monumental object, a true multifunctional landscape which highlights the volumes of the space it inhabits, and more specifically the wall. François Mascarello approaches the bookcase from a novel perspective, turning it into a living landscape that is both visually dynamic and versatile. this micro- architecture, designed around full and empty spaces, is both a showcase and a composition to contemplate. the niches and shelves can welcome books, works of art and treasured objects. a desk and a nomadic seat are incorporated into this landscape-object which is designed to be customised, thus catering to a desire for unique and personalised spaces that allow great freedom of use and interpretation.