88 Gallery is delighted to announce a new collaboration with the Stockholm-based studio Humans since 1982, founded by Bastian Bischoff and Per Emmanuelsson. 

The studio is co-owned with the engineer David Cox and the team’s innovative practice spans art, design and technology. From kinetic sculptures to experiential installations, their work is striking, provocative and sometimes hypnotic.

The piece to be unveiled at PAD, A million Times 72, corresponds directly with our focus on functional art. A kinetic sculpture, it also tells accurate time, turning the clock face into an art object. The programmed choreographies draw on natural, artistic and mathematical patterns to create an artwork in a state of constant change. Another piece – ClockClock 24 – will be on show at the gallery simultaneously. 

We’ll be in touch in September with news on the other exciting collaborations we’re launching at PAD this year and with more information on both of these artworks. Until then we wish you a wonderful summer!