Second Petale


By Appointment Only and Online
128, rue de la Boétie
75008 Paris

T: +33 6 07 56 64 76


Passionate about the dialogues between Art, Design and Fashion, The Founder and Curator Arina Pouzoullic has created Second Petale in 2019 to stimulate these conversations. Her mission is to celebrate Jewellery Art, to explore novel and different with audience, to invite them to Collectors’ privilege to access unique and rare.

 Second Petale is also a promotion of Contemporary talent with dashing creativity and culture of workmanship. 

Alongside jewelry creations of 20th-21st century, Second Petale showcases the work of emerging and well-known contemporary designers such as the exclusive and rare jewelry artist Luz Camino (Spain), who is exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museums and MAD.