• Valérie Bouvier
  • Antoine Nouvet

Remix Gallery
Marché Paul Bert - Path 6 - Booth 91
96-110 rue des Rosiers
93400 Saint-Ouen

T: +33 (0)6 63 78 06 93 - +33 (0)6 84 97 33 64


Remix Gallery was originally founded by Valérie Bouvier and Antoine Nouvet in 2015. It is the first gallery to shed a unique light on the radical fashion designs throughout the 80s in France. Their method is at times formal, functional, and political. Popular compositions of this decade are hallmarks of societal changes and occupy a central role in their choices. They promote the postmodern, iconic aesthetic of this prolific and captivating period.

For years, they have defended and promoted designers and creations of the eighties, thus giving a refreshing perspective on this decade. Ever since collecting, they have devoted significant time and research to the work of visionary genius and designer Philippe Starck, whose designs have achieved cult status. Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Alessandro Mendini, Andrée Putman, Gilles Derain, Jasper Morrison, and Ettore Sottsass are also featured among the most iconic designers exhibited in the gallery.

Bringing a much-needed effervescence in the societal and fashion worlds, this new generation of designers has produced a long-awaited renewal in terms of creation. Pioneering an array of new styles, the “eighties” aesthetic continues to bewilder us, blowing us away with its creativity and radical nature.

Over the last few years, Remix Gallery has organized monographic exhibitions on the work of Philippe Starck, Pierre Sala, Christian Duc and Claude Dumas. It thus contributes, through its renowned expertise, to enriching institutional and private collections on a regular basis.