Nilufar Gallery

  • Nina Yashar

Nilufar Gallery – Via della Spiga 32, Milan
Nilufar Depot – Viale Vincenzo Lancetti 34, Milan

T: +39 02 780193


Nilufar returns to Pad London, the prestigious design fair that honors craftsmanship and innovation. For its XVth Edition, Nilufar presents a remarkable showcase aligning with PAD’s distinctive curatorship of contemporary and 20th-century design exhibited alongside jewelry and decorative, modern and tribal arts. Nilufar’s proposal exemplifies the gallery’s signature style, a singular blending of vintage and historical pieces with contemporary collectible design. For this year’s edition, Nina Yashar, founder of Nilufar Gallery, brings to London a lineup of talents who have played pivotal roles in shaping the contemporary and past history of design.

The exhibited contemporary designers include:

  • the British creative talent Bethan Laura Wood, with her Criss Cross Chandelier
  • the Franco-Lebanese designer Flavie Audi, with the Vortex Side table from the Neo Scapes collection
  •  the British designer and architect Joe Armitage, with the Noveconi Chandelier
  •  the Belgian creative Maarten de Ceulaer, with a “Table Lamp 150” from the Stained Glass Collection
  • the Italian duo Draga & Aurel, with the ‘Bon Bon’ wall lamps
  • the Israeli architect and designer Gal Gaon, with the Collide Round Table
  • the Athen and New York-based duo Objects of Common Interest, with a seat in a new colourway from their highly successful Poikilos exhibition
  • the Italian talent Osanna Visconti with a mirror and two wall lamps from her Bamboo Collection
  • the American artist Lola Montes Schnabel with four Artichokes chandelier
  • the Greek figurative artist Anestis Michalis with _22_1_am sculpture
  • the English artist Jonathan Trayte with two creations
  • the Brazilian designers Juliana Vasconcellos and Matheus Barreto with their Galho armchair
  • a new carpet from Nilufar Open Edition

While from the vintage selection, Nina Yashar showcases: