Maisonjaune Studio

  • Julien & Elodie REGNIER

42 rue de Seine
75006 PARIS

T: julien +33607097142 / elodie +33680684729


For this new edition of PAD London 2023, Maisonjaune Studio will set their focus towards the charm of paper.

With deep and personal investment in the creation of interiors where aesthetics and affect, seeing and feeling confront each other, the couple seeks balance and designs the scenography.

They will present a set of monochrome ceramics by Roger Capron and Georges Jouve. A ceramic fresco “young women in nature” by Francesc Carulla, sculptor of the great figures of the Sagrada Familia.

They offer the inspiration of calm and rest by creating a large modular space, integrating a sofa by Giancarlo Piretti and a tapestry in warm colors by Verner Panton. The space is illuminated with a set of iconic Ingo Maurer luminaires from the Uchiwa series. Light is used to illuminate but above all to create feelings.

Design there is serving a form of well-being where the intention will be to sift the light to create an atmosphere.