• Gladys MOUGIN

22-30, rue de Lille
75007 Paris

T: +33 1 40 20 08 33


Founded in 1990, Galerie Mougin has been exhibiting works by original contemporary designers since then.

A sense of exceptional materials, deeply perceptive know-how, and a great sense of poetry concerning forms are the keys to Gladys Mougin’s original selection.

André Dubreuil presided over the birth of the gallery and was the pivot of the selection.

Today, Atelier Dubreuil continues its style, while creating new pieces.

Laurence Montano, Michael Pohu, Alasdair Cooke, Thierry Leproust, Rémi Fontaine, Ana-Belen Castillo, Caroline Corbeau, les Farfelus Farfadets, Eddy Ubiedo, Nathalie Ziegler-Pasqua, Audiane Delos, Mroz Boullier, Kyo or Molénac exhibit their creations, mostly one of a kind, at 22 and 30 rue de Lille in Paris.

Furthermore, the designers comply with decorators’ and collectors’ requests and can design pieces that are adaptable to interior decoration projects.