Elie Top

  • Elie Top

217 Rue St Honoré,
75001 Paris

T: +33 (0)1 42 21 40 97



The French designer Elie Top founded his eponymous jewellery house in 2015. Top’s creativity is the reflection of his abundant imagination, which draws upon poetry, music, history, and even geography. Each collection tells an epic tale of a world emerging from time immemorial, captured by its creator to be redesigned in a uniquely modern fashion.

Elie Top’s otherworldly jewels evoke the designer’s inspirations from across the globe and stretching back through human history, from heraldic bracelets and pendants in gold, yellow gold, and silver, to snake and chameleon – shaped rings set with old mine cut diamonds, rubellites, emeralds, yellow sapphires, and other repurposed stones. Chosen from celebrated collections throughout Top’s career such as ‘La Dame du Lac’ and ‘Me?caniques Ce?lestes’, pieces epitomise the bold, decorative line of the designer’s work, demonstrating his delicate balance of historicized detailing and meticulous modern craft.