• Elisabeth DELACARTE

4, place de l'Odéon
75006 Paris

T: +33 1 46 33 12 40



The Avant-Scène Gallery, located on Place de l’Odéon in Paris, showcases art furniture and creations by renowned design artists. Featuring editions by Garouste and Bonetti and original works by Hubert Le Gall, Franck Evennou, Elizabeth Garouste, Véronique Rivemale, François Dimech, Mark Brazier Jones, and more.

For nearly four decades, Elisabeth Delacarte has devoted her expertise to showcasing the work of artists she accompanies throughout their creative journeys. The establishment of her gallery, Avant-Scène, was orchestrated with the vision of creating a dedicated showcase for the original creations of these artists.

The choice of the name “Avant-Scène” reflects a subtle nod to its geographical proximity to the Theatre of Europe, located in Place de l’Odéon. Rooted in the heart of a district dedicated to the arts, this gallery is more than just an address; it has transformed into a must-visit institution for those who share a passion for the exceptional, fantasy, and the poetry of materials.