Galerie Melissa Paul

  • Mélissa Paul

Galerie Mélissa Paul
3-5 Dunston Road
London E8 4EH

T: +33650696345


At a crossroads between art, design and sculpture, Galerie Mélissa Paul exhibits the works of contemporary artists together with 20th century modern design. Those are rare pieces of timeless furniture, sometimes practical and serviceable, sometimes sculptural and expressive. The gallery is the brainchild of Mélissa Paul who developed a lifetime passion for art, craftsmanship and tradition. Her background has enabled her to assemble pieces with sophisticated technics and design, following a transcultural approach in the way she selects works. The gallery’s curation sits apart from the ephemerality of trends and focuses instead on the true aesthetic quality of the piece – alluring and timeless. Mélissa Paul takes pride in discovering new talents but also working with established artists who challenge, question and stretch the boundaries of shapes, textures and materials, making the gallery a unique place in Europe open to the world with a contemporary edge.