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Mouvements Modernes

Contemporary Design France

Stand Number 05


  • Sophie Mainier-Jullerot

By Appointments Only 11, rue Léopold Bellan 75002 Paris FRANCE

T: +33 1 45 08 08 82

Selected works by

  • Daniela Busarello
  • Matthew Chambers
  • Nadège Desgenétez
  • Garouste & Bonetti
  • Turi Heisselberg Pedersen
  • Tim Leclabart
  • Thomas Lemut
  • François Mascarello
  • Martin & Dowling
  • Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert
  • Fabien Petiot

Mouvements Modernes at PAD Paris 2020

For its 6th participation at the PAD Paris, Mouvements Modernes gallery is pleased to present its selection of contemporary and 1980/90s’ works. As a guideline for the gallery in its choices and developments, materials – wood, glass, ceramic, straw marquetry, silk – will be highlighted through the creations of the gallery’s artists. A true manifesto for an exploration of the possibilities of materials with the creative wealth of our past and present talents, Mouvements Modernes establishes here its fundamental principles.

Glassmaking and ceramics will be in the limelight on the booth. With the hypnotic ceramics of the British artist Matthew Chambers, influenced by the Constructivist movements and optical art, and by the textured, granite-like, mineral ceramics of the Danish artist Turi Heisselberg Pedersen. Glass art will be represented with the works of two new artists at the gallery. Nadège Desgenétez will take us into a game of reflection, of sensual absorption of our reflection in her works and Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert, Liliane Bettencourt Prize for the intelligence of the hand 2019, will provide us with the experience of the material through his sculptures and then giving the way to feel the vibration of the original matter.

Technical know-how, such as woodworking with a gouge, will also be highlighted with the sculptures of the British duo Martin & Dowling as well as the sculptural console Branches by the French designer Fabien Petiot, who will also present a very elegant floor lamp, a tribute to French decorative arts, from the Pli collection.

The straw marquetry technic can be re-discovered with a set of three coffee tables displayed on a carpet created by the artist François Mascarello who will also propose new abstract landscapes made of silk from the Samarcande series. The association of wood and steel will be embodied by two new creations by our designers: Tim Leclabart and his pair of Jane armchairs and three table lamps, totemic wood and metal sculptures by Thomas Lemut.

In the pure tradition of the French decorative arts, the famous duo of the 1980s and 1990s, Garouste and Bonetti are reviving the know-how of cabinetmaking and ironwork, as evidenced by the Colerette cabinet and an elegant sideboard.

The Franco-Brazilian artist Daniela Busarello will once again question our ability to dream in this urban nature that surrounds us with her Inner Landscape paintings and watercolours.