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Contemporary Design, Sculptures France

Stand Number 24


  • Nicolas FLOQUET
  • Eloïse GILLES

20, rue Amélie 75007 Paris FRANCE

T: +33 1 80 06 04 41

A prolific space dedicated to the arts of the hand, the Mayaro gallery specialises in contemporary decorative arts. Mayaro defends avant-garde artists for whom the manual process is an essential part of their approach to creation.

Mayaro’s expertise is to bring together talents to combine their visions and know-how in a common creative space in the heart of Paris. The basket maker and the carpenter, the video artist and the cabinet maker, the leather worker and the glass blower… The objects and furniture that emerge from these hybridizations are unique, custom-made works.

For its participation in PAD Paris, in addition to these unique objects, Mayaro has decided to highlight the works of the artists to whom it has dedicated an exhibition: the works of Iris de Mouy rub shoulders with the sculptures of Laetitia de Bazelaire, the library of Laurent Jaffrennou and the Table Atelier of Virieu Di Petrillo.