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Achille Salvagni

Contemporary Design, Glass, Ceramic, Modern Art UK, Italy

Stand Number 60

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  • Achille SALVAGNI

12, Grafton Street London W1S 4ER UK

T: +44 20 7409 0026

A bold new addition to the acclaimed designer’s repertoire of noble materials, Salvagni presents a panorama of lighting, furniture and vessels made from the centuries old craft of Murano glass-making, underscoring his admiration for historical Italian artistry, reinterpreted in his own distinctive contemporary style.

Following in the tradition of mid-century masters of design such as Carlo Scarpa, Gio Ponti, Angelo Mangiarotti and Tomaso Buzzi who each experimented with Murano glass, Salvagni was drawn to the island and to the medium it has become synonymous with. Working with local glass masters, he has harnessed the alchemy of this challenging technique to produce striking new designs. Most commonly used for ornamental purposes, Salvagni’s ambitious new collection pushes the boundaries of glass to create larger scale functional furniture pieces as well as decorative objects.

Three new versions of Salvagni’s iconic Drop table with hand-blown glass in alternating colours forming the table top supported by intersecting cast bronze legs, stand out amongst highlights from the new collection. The ancient techniques of glassblowing and bronze casting come together with strikingly contemporary effect, at once echoing the past and looking to the future. Complementing this, Dido is a unique one-of-a-kind bar cabinet made from ivory parchment encrusted with exquisite black Murano glass details. Inspired by the art of Phoenicia, the glass is delicately engraved with motifs reminiscent of the minutely detailed reliefs and scarab seals of the ancient civilisation. This is the first time Salvagni has publically made available a completely one-off work. Also unveiled this autumn is Spider Laguna, a striking new iteration of his iconic Spider chandelier, this time with arms spanning twice the length of previous models and produced in a warm burnt orange patina. Fine stalactite-like glass droplets are suspended at their end.

Adorning the walls, two sconces in backlit hand-carved onyx are punctuated with Murano glass elements, recalling the encrusted surfaces of Lucio Fontana’s famous Le Venezie series. A trio of exquisite hand-blown glass vessels in jewel tones will form part of the offering. Entitled Oceano, Poseidone and Tritone and produced as part of Salvagni’s Aldus collection of smaller scale works, these decorative objects are inspired by the aesthetic ideals of ancient Greek and Latin philosophy, and have been attributed the names of three marine deities. These vessels embody the elemental forces of fire and water, both in their dual functions as candleholders and vases, but also in the fluidity of the glass forms and the flame-like cast bronze finials. For their creation Salvagni sourced a unique Muranese silica last employed in the production of glass in the 1920s, and which here imbues the vases with their remarkably vibrant tones.