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Mouvements Modernes

20th Century Design & Decorative Arts, Contemporary Design, Glass & Ceramics France

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By Appointment Only 11, rue Léopold Bellan 75002 Paris FRANCE

T: +33 1 45 08 08 82

For its fourth participation to the PAD London, Mouvements Modernes confirms its work on Néotù gallery with two commissioned works, produced in two examples or unique pieces by Garouste & Bonetti: a sideboard from the timeless Jalousie collection as well as the impressive Barbara table by its proportions and by the sculpted work on its feet.?To these exceptional pieces of furniture will be added a rare cabinet in terracotta and wrought iron so emblematic of the work of the unavoidable duo of the 80s and 90s.?

This Néotù furniture will dialogue with the work of our contemporary designers who never cease to question and reinterpret the history of decorative arts and invite the collector into a living room and dining room where the different periods confront and dialogue.?Tim Leclabart with his pair of Jane armchairs reinterprets the Club armchair, Fabien Petiot with his Pli floor lamp in plaster, bamboo, walnut and paper, a discreet nod to the work of Giacometti and Noguchi. The artisanal know-how combined with technology will be at the heart of the designer Thomas Lemut’s proposal who will enlighten us with his lamps Accubes, palimpsest with wood species such as elm, maple, sycamore, beech, ash, acacia…

Sophie Mainier-Jullerot, Pierre Staudenmeyer’s collaborator who succeeded him as director of the gallery, has been paying homage to the freedom of its founder since 2008.
With the exhibition of last June, Just Think about it, by putting in comparison some of the most emblematic pieces of Néotù with the works of five contemporary painters, she has once again proposed to establish conversations, as suggested by Pierre Staudenmeyer. He had a look at creation, without borders or barriers, which allowed him to write the stories of objects, to constitute sets, to create new relationships between forms and images with the wish to break with the primacy of one genre over another and to offer to his public aesthetic experiences for a self enrichment.

To break down barriers and open up possible conversations or confrontations between the works, this is the aim here. Thus the anthropomorphic sculptures of Nadège Desgenétez whose minimalist lines will come to oppose the combative luxuriance of the urban vegetation that the painter Yannick Bernede seizes with his polaroids; The witness materials collected on the island of Lanzarote by the painter Daniela Busarello as if levitating on their gauze will dialogue with the terracotta of the Selinonte Cabinet; the mouth-blown glass disks worked freehand by Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert complementary in their opposition will reinforce this idea of dialogue; The Jalousie sideboard, a kind of precious chest with its gold leaf patina, will welcome the indiscreet boxes of the painter Aurélie Galois who, after studying erotic literature, gives back to the drawing of the genre all its mystery by concealing them in precious containers, leading us to question our current relationship to intimacy; the precious silks will become landscape under the hands of the artist François Mascarello. So many dialogues proposed between the different mediums and periods that will observe in elegance the portraits painted by Vanessa Seward.