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88 Gallery

20th Century Design & Decorative Arts, Contemporary Design UK

Stand Number A18



86-88 Pimlico Road London SW1W 8PL UK

T: +44 20 7730 2728

Selected works by

  • Abel Cárcamo
  • Michela Cattai
  • Ado Chale
  • Peter Donders
  • Ignazio Gardella
  • Max Ingrand
  • Roxane Lahidji
  • Hubert le Gall
  • Alexandre Logé
  • Roberto Menghi
  • Roberto Rida
  • Timothy Schreiber
  • Ben Storms
  • Roberta Verteramo

88 Gallery London focuses on mid-century to contemporary work by designers from Europe, the UK and beyond. We actively search the market for original pieces by Gio Ponti, Angelo Mangiarotti, Max Ingrand and other 20th century names, while collaborating with a growing number of contemporary designers such as Abel Cárcamo, Ado Chale, Peter Donders, Roxane Lahidji, Roberto Rida, Timothy Schreiber, Ben Storms and Roberta Verteramo. Based in London and Antwerp, the gallery participates in several international fairs such as PAD. Our leitmotivs are authenticity and originality. Erik Mullendorff, the gallery owner, has published on twentieth century cabinet making in the Furniture History Society Journal and serves on the vetting committees of international fairs such as Brafa and Masterpiece.