The Downtown Gallery presents its new exhibition “L’avant-garde bretonne” by Joseph Savina

The Downtown Gallery presents its new exhibition dedicated to Joseph Savina and his innovative movement ‘L’avant-garde bretonne.’

Joseph Savina (1901-1983), a French cabinetmaker and sculptor, is known for his collaboration with Le Corbusier. Hailing from Douarnenez in Brittany, he was awarded the title of France’s best craftsman. His pivotal role in the Breton artistic movement Seiz Breur facilitated the modernization of regional craftsmanship. His Celtic Art workshop merged tradition and modernity, leaving an indelible mark on 20th-century art and design, particularly through his works for Notre-Dame-du-Haut in Ronchamp.

The exhibition highlights his passion for innovation and his significant contribution to sculpture and furniture through a rare collection that reflects the quest for a Brittany rooted in its heritage while looking towards the future.

At the heart of this exhibition, the sculpture ‘Ozon Opus,’ a result of the exceptional collaboration between Joseph Savina and Le Corbusier, takes center stage. This artwork embodies their artistic dialogue and their shared desire to transcend the decorative to achieve pure sculptural expression. The initials J.S – L.C engraved on the artwork attest to their creative symbiosis and enduring friendship.

From February 8th to March 2sd

18 rue de Seine

75006, Paris