• Nathalie ELMALEH
  • Laurent TEBOUL

19 rue de varenne
75007 Paris

T: +33 1 40 58 47 46


The SECRET GALLERY is a unique Art and Design gallery located at 19 Rue de Varenne in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Its founders, Nathalie Elmaleh and Laurent Teboul, are not only collectors but also scenographers and artistic directors, bringing a fresh and innovative approach.

The SECRET GALLERY presents three thematic exhibitions per year, the artists cross paths and offer us an intimate dialogue during an exhibition. Art answers art in a timeless discussion.

The exhibition is daring, it is composed of paintings, drawings, photographs, engravings or serigraphs, but also of sculpted works, in unique pieces or small limited series. A mix of artists and media forming a singular panorama, a kaleidoscope that marks the eye and transmits an intense emotion.

Throughout the exhibitions, one can discover the work of the architect and designer Reda Amalou through his collections of design, objects and furniture, which are always at the crossroads of art and know-how.