Neha Dani

  • Neha Dani

592, 5th Avenue, 11th Floor
NY - 10036


Neha Dani is an artist who creates timeless jewelled masterpieces that have an intrinsic philosophy about them. Her multi-layered sculpted creations are strikingly contemporary, each born from hand sculpted wax models and brought to life with exceptional gemstones that tell a story from every angle, striking a delicate balance between an ultra-feminine aesthetic and bold dramatic scale.

Dani’s oeuvre, with its attention to detail and innovation of form, has made her one of the most compelling voices in the world of jewellery. Her works are highly prized by collectors and connoisseurs of jewellery, her spiritual philosophy has paved her path of intense artistry and success as a designer. Neha Dani has been profiled in two prestigeous coffee-table books, “Women Jewellery Designers” and “Coveted”. In 2019, she was awarded the “Rising Star” Award from the Fashion Group of America in the fine jewellery category.