• Jérémy Pradier
  • Aurélien Jeauneau

Marché Paul Bert
96, rue des Rosiers

T: +33 6 59 42 11 43?


Whether in 1945 or in 2024, Aurélien Jeauneau and Jérémy Pradier are passionate about those who defined the era. From furniture for disaster victims in 1945, to the modernity of the 1960s and the climate issues of the 21st century, French designers have constantly demonstrated their creativity when it comes to responding to the issues of their time!
After their pop-up at La Samaritaine in September and October 2023, the duo is preparing their first PAD.
A manifesto exhibition which will bring together Isabelle Stanislas, Anthony Guerrée, Axel Chay, Ionna Vautrin and Mathieu Delacroix, and the great names of historic French design that the gallery has been defending for ten years.

After a career in French cinema, Jérémy Pradier supports contemporary artists, such as Ionna Vautrin or Anthony Guerrée or Guillaume Delvigne, who question the historical pieces that the gallery exhibits.
Aurélien Jeauneau, specialist in the work of Pierre Guariche, co-wrote the monograph published by Norma in 2020. After a stint as a gallery assistant on rue de Seine, it seemed obvious to him that he was a merchant above all .