• Ygaël ATTALI

BD Georges Favon 43
1204 Genève, Suisse

T: +41225481181


Launched in 2015, Galerie Philia is an international contemporary design and modern art gallery representing emerging and established designers and artists. The gallery is the brainchild of two brothers who share a lifetime passion for art, literature, and philosophy. Their distinct academic background sets them apart from their peers, as it sees them following a rhizomatic and transcultural approach in the way they select works. This involves combining elements from multiple cultures in what becomes a network of harmoniously interconnected roots, ultimately revealing the beauty of each unique creation. The gallery’s non-hierarchical curation sits apart from the ephemerality of trends and focuses instead on the true aesthetic quality of the piece – alluring and timeless. Unlike others, Galerie Philia does not focus on a single style – whether minimalist, organic or raw – but rather embraces heterogeneity.

The gallery takes pride in discovering new talents, providing them with multiple international platforms to showcase their latest creations. Such designers include Elisa Uberti (France), Andres Monnier (Mexico), Laura Pasquino (Netherlands), Elsa Foulon (France), Arno Declercq (Belgium), Pietro Franceschini (Italy) and Evan Fay (USA). As well as propelling the newest generation of 21st-century collectible design, Galerie Philia also works with renowned practitioners such as Cristián Mohaded (Argentina), Jérôme Pereira (France), Morghen (Italy), and Rick Owens (USA).

Galerie Philia has a strong international presence, with galleries in Geneva, New York, and Singapore. In addition to their permanent spaces, the gallery organises temporary group exhibitions and artists residencies in first-class locations around the world.