GALERIE Desprez Bréhéret

  • Benjamin DESPREZ
  • Hélène BRÉHÉRET

30, Rue Croix des Petits Champs
75001 Paris

T: +33 6 86 28 31 68


The Desprez Breheret Gallery, founded nearly 20 years ago by Hélène Breheret and Benjamin Desprez, is located in the Louvre district near the Palais Royal and the Fondation Pinault. The gallery specializes in historical 20th-century design with a predilection for pieces by designers and artists such as Charlotte Perriand, Joseph Savina, Pierre Paulin, Isamu Noguchi, Ingo Maurer, among others, whose rare creations are diligently sought after by Hélène and Benjamin.

The gallery also represents contemporary creators like the designer Kalou Dubus, as well as the American sculptor Dan Pollock, whose work is exclusively showcased. Pollock creates unique monoxyl furniture sculpted from dead wood collected in the Californian desert, following an eco-friendly approach. The gallery is an expert in the work of Jean Touret and the Artisans de Marolles, with Hélène and Benjamin collaborating on the first monograph using their archives. Additionally, they specialize in the textile art of Thomas Gleb, dedicating two recent exhibitions to him in close collaboration with the artists’ families.

The gallery is always on the lookout for unknown artists and designer workshops, for whom they enjoy working towards recognition. Hélène and Benjamin pay special attention to the appreciation of natural materials such as wood, ceramics, textiles, or wrought iron. Their intention is to exalt craftsmanship and traditional know-how. The gallery is renowned for showcasing these signatures on its walls, at exhibitions, or among its collector clients, always within a meticulously crafted environment with a balanced and understated aesthetic, giving rise to a distinctive identity. It has also received two awards, one for the best design object and another for the best booth (PAD 2019 & PAD 2022).