34, rue Coquillière,75001,PARIS

T: +33 1 71 24 80 06


The Anne Jacquemin Sablon gallery, opened its doors to the public in 2015, dedicated to design and contemporary applied arts, it presents a collection of furniture, lighting and works of art. The gallery is located in a unique and historic space, originally a fashion boutique from the 1920s. Most of the pieces exhibited were designed by renowned French architects such as Tristan Auer or Maxime Old, but also by emerging artists from the french scene, like Samuel Latour or Vadim Garine.

The gallery works in close collaboration with interior designers on high-end projects and has collaborated for the Crillon Hôtel and the Les Bains Hôtel with the architect Tristan Auer. The gallery’s partnership with Holly Hunt in the United States enables a global presence. The gallery also presents collaborations made exclusively with French designers, like the Alabaster pendant light by Garnier & Linker, or the Solar pendant light by Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert.

Each piece of furniture edited by the gallery is made in French workshops in search of perfection. After spending ten years at the Christian Liaigre studio, Anne, the founder of the gallery, has developed a seasoned aesthetic sense where she evolves in a universe based on the search for purity and timelessness.

Anne aims to facilitate and advise the creative paths of artists by directing them to the best workshops in order to guide them towards excellence.